Javascript errors when loading panels


I’ve been trying to create some dashboards for our development teams to get an insight into dependabot vulnerabilities from github. I’ve set up some variables based on queries to the github api and am using the grafana-github plugin to fetch vulnerabilities per repository (not the api due to pagination limitations). Here you can see the basic query I’m using to fetch vulnerabilities.

I’m also doing some group_by transformations to count the number of vulnerabilities per severity. In this picture you can see a bar chart which in the way I’m expecting with the transformations.

The problem I’m facing is whenever I try loading this with empty data, so a repository which does not have any vulnerabilities. I get a JS error in my console which is caused by the Calculate->Count on value.


Here you can (kinda) see the panel having an infinite load, but actually just breaks the panel and I need to refresh the page on a working repository to get the panel working again.

I’m not sure if this is the right approach because I have little experience with grafana. I’ve already tried filtering the data to exclude rows if value is null but that doesnt work either. Looked into other ways of getting the data I need but can’t seem to find any.

Is there a way to fix this JS error or a workaround to do the group_by/count another way?

Running via docker: grafana/grafana:10.0.2

Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated!