Json Sender Notifications Channel

Hello guys, help me please with question: i need to send json object, like example: {“filed1”:“value1”, “field2”:“value2”} to some apiwith HttpMethod=POST. But with current existing channels, i see that it isn’t possible. So, how can i add New Channel Notifier?
I see that it is neccesary add some changes in existing source code, or may be exist another ways?

It’s not very clear but do you mean Alerting Notifications?

There is the webhook that sends json when an alert is triggered which you can integrate with. But you cannot define your own JSON - you have to use what is sent by the webhook.

ok, thanks, I can write an additional api that will parse a message from webhook. It’s more simple solution in this case.

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Yes, that’s why the webhook exists. There is a feature request to allow custom mappings of the json data returned from the webhook but that won’t be done in the next few months.

If i custom the Email notify channel, how do i get the metrics page(image) as the Grafana’s default Email notify channel.