K6 http-get request

Iam using a http.get request which would get the auth0 token in the location header with a 302 redirection. But my k6 script get the response with a 302 but throws an error with invalid request missing parameter in the location header … can you please suggect what might be causing this issue

Hi @k6navuser

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In most situations debugging the http requests will help you troubleshoot, not sure if you’ve already used it. There is an example in k6-learn: https://github.com/grafana/k6-learn/blob/main/Modules/III-k6-Intermediate/01-How-to-debug-k6-load-testing-scripts.md. Comparing this with curl requests that work (or your browser requests) can help you determine if the required location header for the redirect is correct or even missing. That is, you can check if the server returned the location header and the value in the k6 script.

If debugging does not help, can you share the (sanitized) script and the (sanitized) output of executing with --http-debug? We can always have a look :bowing_woman: