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I use the Playlist option to run some of my screens through various area’s… is they a way to use the &kiosk option in the URL to force all pages in the playlist to be in kiosk mode.


It should stay in kiosk mode since this fix (just need to press d k to go into kiosk mode):

Or are you asking something else?

Pressing D K takes away the light grey menu but leaves the name and grafana icon. Adding &kiosk into your URL completely hides the whole top bar. That is what I would like to do, however have it apply to the playlist not a single page open.


What version of Grafana are you using? They should be exactly the same. I tested on and I could not see any difference.

With &kiosk:

With d k:


We are getting confused here. It works with that and works well.

However I am referring to Playlists. Even if you add the command to your playlist url “https://grafana:3000/playlists/play/1”, even if you add “https://grafana:3000/playlists/play/1&kiosk” it then moves to the URL’s in the playlist they don’t contain the &kiosk part of the URL.

Is there a way to modify the URL of what is in the playlist?

I still don’t understand the above. But anyway. The kiosk parameter works for playlists too. It is a query string parameter. The & means “and” and is used when there are multiple parameters. In this case, you only have one parameter so no & character is needed but you need the question mark character ? to separate the url from the query string. (Read more about query strings here)

Like this:


Thank you using ?kiosk instead of &kiosk works.


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