Kubernetes Integration: managing alerts

Hi everyone,

I am using Grafana Cloud with Kubernetes integration. I was able to set up the Grafana agent operator via Helm and everything is working fine.

However, the alerts that Kubernetes integration creates are not Grafana Managed alerts. There are a couple of problems I am facing with the alerts:

  • I am not able to manage the alerts via Terraform. Because terraform provider is managing only Grafana managed alerts. Is there a way that I can manage Mimir/Loki datasource-type alerts with Terraform?
  • I am not able to configure the notification channels and contact points the same way with Grafana Managed alerts. Is there a way to configure Kubernetes Integration to create Grafana Managed alerts?

I believe I can manually move Mimir/Loki-type alerts to Grafana Managed alerts but I don’t want to give up the automatic integration updates. I wanted to ask if there is any possibility that I can configure it to generate Grafana Managed alerts.

Thank you.

Hi srdr,

Here is an article on how you can integrate Mimir/Loki-type alerts that you create from scratch : How to migrate existing Grafana dashboards and alerts into Kubernetes Monitoring in Grafana Cloud | Grafana Labs

the article also outlines how to keep the ability to upgrade. It takes a bit of manual effort which is the best we can do currently.

Vasil (Grafana Kubernetes monitoring PM)