Legend does not show min and current columns

I created a dashboard that also sets up legend to display on the right as table and show “min” and “current”,

the legend shows but no “min” and “current” columns. any idea why?

In the grafana panel itself, the boxes for “min” and “current” are checked. If I unselect and reselect only will the two columns show.

solved. in the json posted, you need to specify “value” to “true”

legend = {
    "alignAsTable": True,
    "avg": False,
    "current": True,
    "max": False,
    "min": True,
    "rightSide": True,
    "show": True,
    "total": False,
    "sortDesc": False,
    "sort": "current",
    "values": True

Can you post a screenshot of panel and panel options?