License question

We’ve been using Grafana for a few years and love it.
I’ve been asked to review Grafana current licensing.
I found where the document that Grafana uses Apache 2.0 license.
Are there any other restrictions for grafana?
There used to be a restriction that you could not have grafana behind a non-grafana login screen.
Is this restriction still in force? If so - can someone point out where in the documents or github this is spelled out?

I don’t know anything about the restriction with the login screen. I asked Torkel (who created Grafana) and he didn’t know anything about it either.

Thanks for your response.
I think what I was thinking about was the trademark restriction of the logo - not the login screen as I thought.

    Grafana Logos and Badges may not be placed in areas of your website that are password protected.

We have a UI login page for our system so we determined we could not use the Grafana logo on the page after you logged in.

It is just a standard text for a Logo Trademark Policy. We did a quick check and MySQL and OpenStack have similar conditions. If this is a problem for you maybe we should change it. It is common to use Grafana within a company firewall.

I asked our CEO and he says if you want approval to use the Grafana Logo behind password protection then just contact us and we will approve it. Thanks for bringing this up - we will review if we should keep this sentence or not.

Thanks for acting on this so quickly!
Is the best email to send our request
Richard is our standard email address.

OK - you might want to update your trademark page as it suggest ‘’ as the email to send to for trademark questions. If you don’t monitor that email that could explain why we never got a response last year when we inquired about using the trademark. :slight_smile:

Will do. We had a big rename where we merged and to I think we missed a few spots here and there.

No worries! Thanks for the information!