Link Incidents to alerts based on webhooks

When declaring an Incident one can link it to the alerts which are related to it. This however only works for Alerts which are defined within grafana, e.g. using the builtin alert manager.
In an environment where Alerts will be received over Webhook (example: Using Azure Alerts) there is no similar functionality.

Hi @martinbannert1,

I take it you’re using Incoming Webhooks (Incoming Webhooks for Grafana Incident | Grafana Cloud documentation)?

If you’re using Incoming Webhooks then you should be able to use a url parameter (see Incoming Webhooks for Grafana Incident | Grafana Cloud documentation) and this will create a “Link” that you see in the Incident UI? Are your Azure Alerts doing this?

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Thanks for the answer. Using Incoming Webhooks to control incident creation from another system is definitely an interesting idea.
In our case we would prefer using Grafana Oncall to receive the azure alerts over WebHook, and do the state handling already within grafana. The OnCall UI allows to declare an incident , but it is not able to transfer more alert details for the currently shown Alert group to the Incident data.