Loki in microarchitecture mode

Has anyone got a microarchitecture installation of Loki working?

Having moved on from trying to run 3 components (ingester, distributor, querier) on each of 3 servers, I decided to split them out into separate servers, so loki1 runs an ingester, loki2 a distributor, and loki3 a querier - eventually, I’ll want 9 servers in total in this model, but k8s is not an option (yet).

It seems like the sensible way to configure this is to have a single config file: loki.yaml, and specify the target on the command-line to start the component.

However, what works for an ingester, for instance, doesn’t necessarily work fro a distributor. For instance, specifying the memberlist ring for am ingester doesn’t accept the “instance_interface_names” parameter, whereas it’s appears to be required for a distributor if you happen to be using predictable interface names - ie not the compiled-in defaults of [ “eth0”, “en0” ].

( As an aside, why can’t I use /ring on the ingester component - it works on the dispatcher.)

Does Loki actually work with a memberlist ring store (I realise it’s marked experimental). No problems if not - but it really would be nice to know.