Microsecond Resolution from Influx


I am pushing power quality waveform data into Influx … about 6.5K samples per second in bursts of about 1minute. In charting this data it appears that I’m limited to millsecond resolution in grafana regardless of what I use in the GROUP BY clause. I’m using the following query:

SELECT mean(“value”) FROM “L1-N (V)” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1ms) fill(null)

Is there a way to get from three places of decimal for the seconds to at least 5 places of decimal?


Hi Liam,

I’m not sure if the problem you’re describing is related to your raw data or if it’s a presentational problem.

I would first recommend to check your settings under the Axes tab.
You can change unit there in the field called Unit and also the number of decimals used in the field Decimals. Does this resolve your problem?

If not, I would recommend you to check out the following howTo articles to troubleshoot raw data query issues;

If you still have problems maybe you can take a small dump of the data values from the query inspector and include it here.


@relihanl Did you ever have any luck in determining how to increase the resolution for the x-axis? Mefraimsson’s response was unfortunately not helpful as it relates only to the y-axis and the two links only are there for troubleshooting.

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