Multi-dimentional notification getting notification when on alert has no data

Using Grafana 9.4.7
I have several queries - measuring action speed.
trying to send notification when speed is below a threshold or there is no data.

when I have data on all queries - it works as a charm
but when one of the queries returns no data I get an empty notification.

This is the AlertValues annotation.

{{ with $values }}
{{ range $k, $v := . }}
{{if $v.Labels.action}}
Action: {{$v.Labels.action}} : {{ $v }}
{{if $v.Labels.service}}
Service: {{$v.Labels.service}} : {{ $v }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}

When all queries return data I get something like:
Action: :
Action: :

What I would like to get when one or more of the queries return no data (while others return data) is something like :

Action: :
Action: : No Data

Kindly advise