Multiple time-series (one per row) in heatmap

How can I display multiple time-series data using heatmap in Grafana. I want each time series to be represented by one row of colored cells (only 1 Y-axis bracket). May be something like this,

Time-series 1: --------red—|------green---------|-------blue---------|
Time-series 2: —green-----|-------red-----------|--------blue--------|

Now, whenever I give multiple time-series values(metric/query), it lumps them together.

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That’s not supported by the heat map panel

The Y axis is used for the bucket value from the data. So a 2D heat map cannot contain the time serie dimension. What your asking for is something else then a heatmap but I’m not sure what its called :slight_smile:

These are sometimes called Utilization Heatmaps, or in general they are heatmaps and they are extremely useful.

For some utilization heatmaps see :

Where for example here:
We can see a graph where X-axis is time, Y-axis is the CPU ID. The color depth of each tile represents the CPU ID usage.

So each Y-axes bucket/row represents a separate timeseries. Wish grafana had that.

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