Multiply values from INFLUXDB


how can I multiply two or more values ​​from an INFLUXDB?
Is this possible with the GUI?
Can one describe this to me?

Thank you.

If multiplying by a constant that use the Math operator:

If you need to multiply two fields then you will need to toggle to Edit Mode:

or like this using the Math operator:

Thanks. But if the values are from different Hosts?
Is this possible too?


What do you mean by different hosts?

I have 6 Hosts. With Telegraf i Send the perfcounter to the influxdb. The perfcounter ist a value for loggedin Users.

I wish to add a Graph where all values are added together.

Added or multiplied? Do you mean that you have one table with a perfcounter field and each host is a tag?

If you just want to sum (add) all the values then this is a standard InfluxDB query using the sum aggregation (this query is grouped by hostname, remove the tag(hostname) and alias by if you want a total without grouping):


Great. Thanks It works.