My graph sources are being cutoff due to a high number of them. What are theses sources called and are there any easy ways to improve this?

Here is a picture of the problem. I tried googling around, but I can’t figure out the right terminology to actually find information on this aspect of the graph.

You can see at the bottom that the image with the indices just drops off when it reaches the bottom of the screen.

EDIT: I was able to track down this

The tooltip can currently only show series that fit on screen. Maybe filters series or reduce in the metric query?

I tried to add a template that would let me filter on my index name, but couldn’t get the Influx query to work. The simpler alternative to that was to just have the tooltip only display for the line that your mouse is over. That solved the buggy behavior and it didn’t really take anything away from the user. Having that many indices crammed into one graph is the real problem.

Thank you for the reply!