No Data Points for my InfluxDb query

Hi.I added a new dashboard to an existing grafana dashboard.
I have an existing Data source and which is used in previous dashboard.
So i added a new graph and queried ,but is says no datapoints.
I gave data source in the query as well…
This is my query
SELECT mean(“value”) FROM “Transactions/sec | _Total | Databases” WHERE “servername” =~ /^$NewInstance$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null).
I created NewInstance which is
$NewInstance SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = “servername”

I dunno why it is still showing no data point.

I got it fixed.Actually it was showing data but i didnt see it coz by default the time period was last 6 hours .
When i changed it to last 30 days i saw the data.