On a server I only have 'total disk space' and 'used disk space'.. I want to get a % out of that

Basically what I want to feed into my singlestat: %free = 100 - ((100 / totaldiskspace) * useddiskspace)

But I can only select a single item… How do?

Depends in your time series database and the transformation functions available. If you use graphite you can use the asPercent function. Most other time series databases does not support transformation on sub queries.

Sometime in future release we want to add transformation functions that are processed by grafana, but that will not be for many months or a year, in the meantime Grafana leaves query analytics to the time series database. So if you use a time series data with a limiting query language and analytical features your out of luck for a while :frowning:

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Ah hmm…

My datasource is Zabbix (using https://github.com/alexanderzobnin/grafana-zabbix ) so I’m pretty sure most of that stuff doesn’t apply to me.

Thanks tho! I’ll try to find another way!