Only limited number of data points visible

Hi, me first question here…
I’m unsure if it’s grafana related or influxdb related.

We are missing measures when time frame to display get’s larger (>24h).
When choosing a time frame bigger than 12h more and more measures are missing. It seems there is a limit when displaying measure entries. Is there such a limit?

in this screenshot all values are visible

going back to the last 2days shows only 3,5 measures

could one please point me in the right direction?


look in to max-row-limit option, maybe it’s to low. In InfluxDB 1.2 it was changed from default unlimited to a value, think they fixed it in later versions not sure

thanks a lot. that resolved the problem. after setting max-row-limit to 0 in influxdb.conf all values are displayed correctly.
only the keyword (max-row-limit) was missing to know what to search for!