Only realtime metrics


Forgive me if this isn’t correct forum, but thought it would be a good place to ask. I’ll state straight off that I’m somewhat a newbie when it comes to the metric collection/json/API etc, but I have some experience using Grafana with InfluxDB/Telegraf.

So what am I looking for? Well I recently starting looking in REST API and while trying to get a better grasp on the basics, I got thinking that can Grafana do what I need. I have a couple of systems that have well documented REST API information, and I am looking to build dashboards based on the data retrieved from the API calls. Now I don’t need the historical data, so no need to send this information into a DB like Graphite or InfluxDB. I am only interested in the real time values.

Is it possible with Grafana to use API urls as the datasource (sorry if this sounds nonsense, but can’t think of a better way to explain it). So say I make an API query for say a list of backup servers or a single value, is it possible to send the query via Grafana and display this data?


Yes, it’s possible but you’ll need to use the Simple JSON datasource. You need to build a wrapper API for your REST API’s that can be used with the Simple JSON datasource.