Override on value of specific column


I updated my grafana from 7.5.6 to latest yesterday.
Since then my stats panel behave different and I’m not able to show the output the same way as before.

Date is coming from a mssql database.

The result set has 2 columns an n rows fo example


In grafana 7.5.6 I could specify column text and value to draw “Failed” in red, “Warning” in yellow and “Successful” in green for example. In the latests version this seems no longer possible as I can specify field with name (text) but not the value (Run successfully finished) itself. Any idea on how to achieve that again?

Output in latest grafana (unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot from 7.5.6)



Hi yosiasz,

thanks for your reply but this doesn’t help. The count is different every time/depending on the time frame picked. Only the “Texts” failed/successful/warning are static.


So for my example I want the 9 to be red as it’s the amount of errors and the 25 to be green. A value mapping won’t do the trick here. It was possible with a simple override in 7.5.6 not sure why this doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

:eye: you are right! text based overrides do not work
Can you associated those Status values with a number?

Yes that should do the trick as every Status text has a unique StatusID


But I still have to have some kind of condition (Red if 4 and green if 1) or am I missing something?

so based on statusId you want to color another visual?

No maybe it’s to warm over here but I can’t get it to work. Even if the RunResult is numeric I can’t change the color of the correspondig Value.

which data point do you want to change color for?

The color should be changed for “Value” based on the “RunResult”. So if “RunResult” is 1 then the corresponding “Value” should be colored green. So “RunResult” 1 would ever be green and 4 would ever be red.

Thats what it looked in 7.5.6 when the override was evaluating the value of the field instead of the column name.


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Today, “Fields with name” let me only select the two columns of the result but not their values as before

A workaround seems to be using the transformation “Rows to fields”. With this I have the same select options in the override as in 7.5.6.

and then the display is possible as before.

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