Overview dashboard for hundereds of hosts


I’we had done some searching but not found any clear answer. What’s is the best way of having a overview dashboard for many servers? For example having a list of avergage CPU and memory utilization, a alert list with hosts that are above a threshold etc.? I know i can create alerts but it quite resource consuming and then I need a separate graph for that alert and I was not able to get a good list with several hosts that has the same alert. It would also be nice to have some kind of graph with CPU utilization over time but that only selects the top 10 consumer or something like that.

Is there a good way to do this with grafana, do I need to aggregate the data Before?

I’m using telegraf and influxdb.


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Hi, did you ever figure out how to create an overview or meta dashboard? Im interested in the same - i want a dashboard that can show me some metrics for any hosts surpassing thresholds. Alerts is an option i suppose