Performing audit of Grafana 2.5

Hello folks,
I’m new to this community so i want to apologize in advance if i made some mistakes.
At the moment i have customer with Grafana 2.5 (yeah i know it’s old) and it’s having a lot of issues and so on. So long story short i’m assigned with the task to do auditing of all the graphs. Basically which ones blank(no datapoint or something like that) or just broken. The problems is that i have around 100 dashboards with up to 10-15 graphs into dashboards. Is there any fast way to get all this information? I have admin permissions to grafana itself and to the API.

By fast i mean , samething faster than manually checking each dashboad :smiley:

Thank you a lot!
Asen Z.

you kind of asking for the impossible :slight_smile:

There is no built in AI in Grafana that can validate that all your graphs are “correct”.

Hi Torkel,

haha seems that way, but i was thinking if the API can show this ?
They are configured correct, but for example the graphite isn’t populating the information.

Asen Z.

If there isn’t anyway we can close this topic.

you cannot see that in directly in the dashboard API as that only contains the dashboard definition. To find our if a dashboard contains metric queries that do not return any data you have to execute the metric query, to do that you need to open the dashboard in the UI.

Oh okay :)) Thanks for the attention!
Btw, small update regarding the numbers - 531 dashboards and 7000 graphs … wish me luck :smiley: