Permission issue for Viewer access?

Using Grafana 5.2.1 with Elasticsearch. Now that we have Alerting capability (huge Thank You! BTW)has brought a few things to the surface.

A user with Viewer permission, and Grafana with view_can_edit enabled:
1 - has the ability to create folders
2- can also access and change the ‘Alerts’ section from the main menu.

I wouldn’t expect #1, I wouldn’t prefer #2. Happy to work on a PR if this is valid.

That doesn’t sound right. I just checked which have viewers can edit. I can’t find a way to create a new folder there nor have access to alerts.

Would it be possible for you to provide more information about your user. Multiple organizations? Teams? Edit or admin permission in folder etc? Steps to reproduce this would be very valuable. Thanks

I will reproduce it with more details this week. I had it demonstrated and thought I’d raise the question, will get more details and reply.

Good to know that it isn’t expected. Thanks.