Plugin Developer Roundup: July

This past month has seen a whopping 30+ new plugins and updates published. But even with this, we know that some users were waiting longer than we’d like for reviews - apologies to those who were stuck in the queue. We’re always looking at ways to reduce this time and help you get your plugins reviewed and published sooner :thinking:

One of the things that can make the biggest impact is ensuring that it is easy for us to run and test your plugin, ideally with a docker-compose file and any required credentials or access to external services. We’ll look to publish some additional guidance and best practices to ensure your plugin can be reviewed quickly - thank you for all your support :raised_hands:

Now, onto the updates :sparkles:

:grafana: Grafana highlights for Plugin Devs
Some updates to be aware of that have recently merged in Grafana

:warning: Angular plugins show a warning for the user in the Admin > Plugins view - #69084
:electric_plug: New extension point for App plugins - Explore Toolbar - #65524
:book: Documentation reorganisation to make things easier to discover and follow - #69864 (view live)

Create Plugin - scaffold and update your plugins with ease

2 new releases this month taking us to v1.7.0, with the following additions:

:rocket: Made it easier to change the Grafana image within the provided development environment - #286
:bug: Fixed docs - #284
:bug: Fixed issues with tests failing due to nested Grafana dependencies - #289
:gear: Updated dependencies - #279

Special thanks to 1 new contributor :raised_hands: - Steve Lorello

Plugin Examples - get started quickly and learn how to take advantage of various functions in Grafana

Alongside some updates and enhancements, we’ve added a new example application based on experimental support to enable plugins to perform requests to the Grafana API as the plugin or on behalf of a user, using a new OAuth service.

:rocket: New example app with external service registration - #138
:rocket: Easier to change the Grafana image in docker-compose - #175
:bug: Fix for integration tests to reduce false positives and improve success rate with retries - #176
:sparkles: Update to use the latest version of Scenes - #174

Plugin SDK for Go - abstractions for building backend components in your datasource or app plugins

:gear: Mostly internals this month, does include the experimental support for OAuth as mentioned above.

Other news
:grafana: Did you miss Grafana Con? Well, fear ye not - replays are now available! GrafanaCON 2023 | Grafana Labs Check out all the exciting updates from Grafana 10 and more.
:tv: OfficeHours replays are also available on: Grafana 10 Overview, Introduction to Scenes, and Updates for Plugin Developers - see the playlist.
:sparkles: VolkovLabs have released part 3 of their video series on creating a panel plugin, check out the full set here.

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