Plugin Status Panel, Installed but not selectabe

I installed Status Panel Plugin:

But is not available when I add a new Panel:

Any help would be appreciated.


Have you restarted the Grafana server? It needs to be restarted when installing new plugins (but for updates of already installed plugins).

I running grafana inside docker.
I restarted the container


And just to be sure, have you refreshed the page in the browser too?

Yes sure I logoff and logon again in Chrome.
I did a test with firefox and Status panel is shown, also with Chrome in Anonymous mode Status Panel is Shown, so perhaps issue is on my chrome cache or coockies.
I’ll try to delete too.


Yes, sounds like Chrome is caching. Have you tried an empty cache and hard reload:

Hi do not have this menu on my Chrome.
I tried to clean cache and cookies and now Stat Panel is shown


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Chrome seem to have changed this to be more hidden. You get to it by first opening Chrome Dev tools and then left clicking with the mouse on the refresh button and holding it down for a second or two.

Great to hear you solved your problem.