Possible way to simplify exporting dashboards for use in Grafana app plugins?

Currently, when exporting a dashboard with the latest version of Grafana, the JSON sections: __requires, __includes, etc. above annotations prevents an importable dashboard when attempting to add it as an included dashboard within a custom Grafana app plugin. I’m also forced to replace all datasource occurrences with null, therefore the process is very manual. Is there a way to automate this process, or simplify it so the manual removal/replacement of certain sections is not mandatory?

Sadly there is no great option for this yet. The export feature is built to be used by the import UI.

If you just want the current raw json you can use the View JSON in the settings menu this will give you the current raw json. However if you want the cleanup that is done in export (Where template variable and repeated panels are removed) you have to do that manually.