Problem with data query

Hey there!

I have a strange problem with querying data from an influxdb source.

Using a simple query like
SELECT * FROM temperature WHERE "Node" = 'bravo'
works as expected, altough it does not show the actual value in the graph (on mouseover it just shows the value-name without the value).

But if I define the query like this:
SELECT "value" FROM "autogen"."temperature" WHERE ("Node" = 'bravo') AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(linear)
the graph stays empty (no data points).

I guess it might have something to do with they way I am writing the data into the InfluxDB. I use a self written program to do so, but if I fill that database by hand (InfluxCLI -> INSERT Command) it works like a charm.

Maybe someone is able to point me into the right direction. Thank you!


If you use fill(null) or fill(0) instead?

Use the query inspector and check if you get back a valid query response, otherwise there’s something wrong with your query.