Regular expression problem


I’m setting up a dashboard on top of 3 different InfluxDB sources. I need to use a template variable named for example “color”. This variable will be used on multiple queries, that span those 3 sources. Unfortunately, a particular “color” may have different vales, depending on the source/measurement. For example “color” “Blue” may be named “BL” or “Blue” or “Bluu”. So, I have defined the template var with 3 constant values, “Red”, “Green” “(Blue|BL|Bluu)”. This then works in queries where [[color]] is called as part of a regexp match in a influxdb query.

The problem is when I use another template variable that references this one. The query for values of this template variable has a where clause that matches against “color”. In that case, the parenthesis and pipe characters are escaped and the regexp no longer works because it becomes a literal match.

First of all, I understand that the proper way to handle this is to make this tag values consistent across all measurements. That’s just not a practical possibility at this moment.

Any hints to get this working?


Not sure there is away around that. There is a feature request to disable escaping.