Release Notes for Grafana v4.3.0

Grafana v4.3.0 is now available for download.


  • New Heatmap Panel
  • Graph Panel Histogram Mode
  • Elasticsearch Histogram Aggregation
  • Prometheus Table data format
  • New MySQL Data Source (alpha version to get some early feedback)
  • 60+ small fixes and improvements, most of them contributed by our fantastic community!

Check out the New Features in v4.3 Dashboard on the Grafana Play site for a showcase of these new features. The changelog with a list of all the changes can be found below. The blog post for this release can be found here.

4.3.2 (2017-05-31)

Bug fixes

  • InfluxDB: Fixed issue with query editor not showing ALIAS BY input field when in text editor mode #8459
  • Graph Log Scale: Fixed issue with log scale going below x-axis #8244
  • Playlist: Fixed dashboard play order issue #7688
  • Elasticsearch: Fixed table query issue with ES 2.x #8467, thx @goldeelox


  • Lazy Loading Of Panels: Panels are no longer loaded as they are scrolled into view, this was reverted due to Chrome bug, might be reintroduced when Chrome fixes it’s JS blocking behavior on scroll. #8500

4.3.1 (2017-05-23)

Bug fixes

  • S3 image upload: Fixed image url issue for us-east-1 (us standard) region. If you were missing slack images for alert notifications this should fix it. #8444

4.3.0-stable (2017-05-23)

Bug fixes

  • Gzip: Fixed crash when gzip was enabled #8380
  • Graphite: Fixed issue with Toggle edit mode did in query editor #8377
  • Alerting: Fixed issue with state history not showing query execution errors #8412
  • Alerting: Fixed issue with missing state history events/annotations when using sqlite3 database #7992
  • Sqlite: Fixed with database table locked and using sqlite3 database #7992
  • Alerting: Fixed issue with annotations showing up in unsaved dashboards, new graph & alert panel. #8361
  • webdav: Fixed http proxy env variable support for webdav image upload #7922, thx @berghauz
  • Prometheus: Fixed issue with hiding query #8413


  • VictorOps: Now supports panel image & auto resolve #8431, thx @davidmscott
  • Alerting: Alert annotations now provide more info #8421

4.3.0-beta1 (2017-05-12)


  • InfluxDB: influxdb query builder support for ORDER BY and LIMIT (allows TOPN queries) #6065 Support influxdb’s SLIMIT Feature #7232 thx @thuck
  • Panels: Delay loading & Lazy load panels as they become visible (scrolled into view) #5216 thx @jifwin
  • Graph: Support auto grid min/max when using log scale #3090, thx @bigbenhur
  • Graph: Support for histograms #600
  • Prometheus: Support table response formats (column per label) #6140, thx @mtanda
  • Single Stat Panel: support for non time series data #6564
  • Server: Monitoring Grafana (health check endpoint) #3302
  • Heatmap: Heatmap Panel #7934
  • Elasticsearch: histogram aggregation #3164

Minor Enchancements

  • InfluxDB: Small fix for the “glow” when focus the field for LIMIT and SLIMIT #7799 thx @thuck
  • Prometheus: Make Prometheus query field a textarea #7663, thx @hagen1778
  • Prometheus: Step parameter changed semantics to min step to reduce the load on Prometheus and rendering in browser #8073, thx @bobrik
  • Templating: Should not be possible to create self-referencing (recursive) template variable definitions #7614 thx @thuck
  • Cloudwatch: Correctly obtain IAM roles within ECS container tasks #7892 thx @gomlgs
  • Units: New number format: Scientific notation #7781 thx @cadnce
  • Oauth: Add common type for oauth authorization errors #6428 thx @amenzhinsky
  • Templating: Data source variable now supports multi value and panel repeats #7030 thx @mtanda
  • Telegram: Telegram alert is not sending metric and legend. #8110, thx @bashgeek
  • Graph: Support dashed lines #514, thx @smalik03
  • Table: Support to change column header text #3551
  • Alerting: Better error when SMTP is not configured #8093
  • Pushover: Add an option to attach graph image link in Pushover notification #8043 thx @devkid
  • WebDAV: Allow to set different ImageBaseUrl for WebDAV upload and image link #7914
  • Panels: type-ahead mixed datasource selection #7697 thx @mtanda
  • Security:User enumeration problem #7619
  • InfluxDB: Register new queries available in InfluxDB - Holt Winters #5619 thx @rikkuness
  • Server: Support listening on a UNIX socket #4030, thx @mitjaziv
  • Graph: Support log scaling for values smaller 1 #5278
  • InfluxDB: Slow ‘select measurement’ rendering for InfluxDB #2524, thx @sbhenderson
  • Config: Configurable signout menu activation #7968, thx @seuf


  • Table Panel: Fixed annotation display in table panel, #8023
  • Dashboard: If refresh is blocked due to tab not visible, then refresh when it becomes visible #8076 thanks @SimenB
  • Snapshots: Fixed problem with annotations & snapshots #7659
  • Graph: MetricSegment loses type when value is an asterisk #8277, thx @Gordiychuk
  • Alerting: Alert notifications do not show charts when using a non public S3 bucket #8250 thx @rogerswingle
  • Graph: 100% client CPU usage on red alert glow animation #8222
  • InfluxDB: Templating: “All” query does match too much #8165
  • Dashboard: Description tooltip is not fully displayed #7970
  • Proxy: Redirect after switching Org does not obey sub path in root_url (using reverse proxy) #8089
  • Templating: Restoration of ad-hoc variable from URL does not work correctly #8056 thx @tamayika
  • InfluxDB: timeFilter cannot be used twice in alerts #7969
  • MySQL: 4-byte UTF8 not supported when using MySQL database (allows Emojis) #7958
  • Alerting: api/alerts and api/alert/:id hold previous data for “message” and “Message” field when field value is changed from “some string” to empty string. #7927
  • Graph: Cannot add fill below to series override #7916
  • InfluxDB: Influxb Datasource test passes even if the Database doesn’t exist #7864
  • Prometheus: Displaying Prometheus annotations is incredibly slow #7750, thx @mtanda
  • Graphite: grafana generates empty find query to graphite -> 422 Unprocessable Entity #7740
  • Admin: make organisation filter case insensitive #8194, thx @Alexander-N


  • Elasticsearch: Changed elasticsearch Terms aggregation to default to Min Doc Count to 1, and sort order to Top #8321


  • Library Upgrade: inconshreveable/log15 outdated - no support for solaris #8262
  • Library Upgrade: Upgrade Macaron #7600