Remove Grafana MacOS

Unfortunately I installed binary, not using HomeBrew.

How to completely remove Grafana 7.4.3 binary from MacOS Big Sur (Darwin)?


Hi there M12,

Could you provide a little more information about your install? Did you follow our docs for a quick installation and launch of a grafana binary on macOS? Or have you set up grafana as a service in launchctl, or added any extra configurations?

Removing a binary installation that you are launching manually is straightforward. That would involve removing the tarball and the Grafana directory, and then following our instructions to install via Homebrew. Brew is now pulling Grafana version 7.4.5.

If you are managing the service, or if you’ve added any extra configurations, then completely removing the binary will involve some extra steps.

Yes, I installed the binary per your instructions.

I don’t want to reinstall on Mac.

What are the extra steps to remove the binary?

Thanks m12,

To remove the binary, return to the directory where you downloaded the grafana tarball. From here, use rm to remove the tarball and the application directory (if you followed our instructions exactly, then the application’s root directory will also be here)

rm -v -R grafana-7.4.3.darwin-amd64.tar.gz grafana-7.4.3

run ls to check that the tarball and directory are gone:


If you refresh your grafana dashboard, it should fail to load. You can also use lsof to check if grafana is still listening on port 3000:

lsof -i -P | grep LISTEN

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