Grafana limits the list of measurements while typing to 100. The last version I had didn’t do this. I’ve got 200 or so measurements in my main table, so now everyone is asking me why their data is deleted… how can I change this limit?

This change was introduced recently as a performance improvement:

Why do you need to see more than 100 entries in a dropdown list? The recommendation is to use tags to keep the numbers down - see Paul Dix’s comment.

We have 200 or so sensors that we’re recording to Influx… It’s been suggested that I have this as one table and then have the sensor names as tags, but then that would eliminate the drop down capability altogether.

I completely understand the performance improvement issue, but it would be nice if we could adjust that limit. I’ve never had an speed issue with the full list.

I don’t follow. Why would having the sensor names as tags eliminate the drop down capability?

I don’t either… I thought that was the case :slight_smile: I thought the drop down was to show sensors only and then you would have to select by tag -?

I’ll try switching to tags in the near future and see how that works :slight_smile: