Repeat row - Am I missing something?

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to create a repeating row. There appears to be no documentation on this, so I’m confused…how do I actually cause the rows to repeat? under row settings there is no such thing.


Under row options there should be a dropdown where you can specify the variable you want to repeat for. After you set this you need to either reload your dashboard or make a change to the variable (this will trigger a dynamic dashboard update and the row should be repeated for each selected value in the variable)

Thank you for your answer, but I can see no such dropdown:

I should mention I am using the Zabbix plugin. In the Zabbix-Grafana demo there is an example of repeat row working:

But I see no such setting there as well, which is strange…

To open row option hover over side of the row (the three dots), this opens the row menu, in this menu there is a row options item