Repeating Panels

I am very new to Grafana and want to use a mutli-value template query to generate new repeating panels for each selection. When I try to configure this, it repeats the panel, but every panel ends up with the same metrics. I’ve got the newest version of Grafana installed on CentOS 7.

Can you show the metric query for the panel? You need to use the template variable in the metric query.

I am using an OpenNMS datasource. I have the template variables in the metric for the node and resource fields. Single values work properly/ The issue only comes up when selecting multiple values for the template variable as it adds each selection to the panel instead of repeating the panel, each with one value from the template variable.

Metric definition:

I think you need to open an issue with the OpenNMS Grafana datasource plugin. The variable interpolation they do in the query needs to be updated to support scoped variables (that are used by panel repeats)

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Thanks. I had a feeling that may be, but wasn’t sure yet. If I find something out, I will update this thread.

Just an FYI this has been submitted as an issue to the opennms-grafana-datasource team.

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