Requests / service


I need to see request count for 2 services hosted in linux/nginx. Can I use log parser or some other inputs plugin to monitor nginx access.log and get request counts / service to Grafana Panel? Then i also could set time period to show request count per that time period.


I have managed to configure nginx and logparser. I can get count of requests and response codes but I still need to get data about the request. In Grafana its easy to get graph from response code counts but i’m lacking info that what was the actual request and divide requests also based on that.

If i make query to InfluxDB i get count based on request data

select count(“request”) from nginx_access_log where request = ‘/xx’

But why i can’t do this on Grafana? I have there few tags that i can use but none of them has this data that need…

Probably your request is a field and not a tag, so the user-friendly Grafana InfluxDB editor doesn’t offer it for filtering and grouping. Just “Toggle Edit Mode” and you will be able to write own RAW InfluxDB query.

Keep in mind that filtering by field value (request = ‘/xx’ in your case) will make a full table scan (because fields are not indexed) - read more about recommended schema design