[RESOLVED] Associate partials/config.html to a new plugin

Hello guys,

I’m finally ready to push my datasource plugin into production service.
My plugin is from simple-json-datasource, and now I want to modify informations contained in plugin.json and package.json (version, author, and NAME !)
Problem is when I change the id in plugin.json, I loose the config page when I create a new datasource. I tried to change the absolute path,
“partials”: {
“config”: “public/app/plugins/datasource/simplejson/partials/config.html”
“partials”: {
“config”: “/var/lib/grafana/plugins/mgent-AppResponse-json-datasource/dist/partials/config.html”
but nothing changes, still no config options displaying.
The strange thing is, I checked if public/app/plugins/datasource/simplejson/partials/config.html exists, and it’s not !
However, when I create a simple-json-datasource plugin I get the config.

Sorry if it’s not really clear, I hope someone can help !

Resolved, trying to use uppercase in “id” field seems to be a mistake