Right place to report woldPing issues? WorldPing outage

Recently I tested worldPing. There are always questions and I do not know if this is the right place for these questions.

I have imported the Alerting dashboard from https://grafana.com/dashboards/1962 and have activated an email channel.

Currently it appears that no more samples are being taken by south-carolina. The alerting dashboard now falsely asserts that the status would continually change between OK and No-Data. This results in lots of e-mails …

I have temporarily disabled the corresponding alerts, but this is not a solution.

Thanks for reporting this. Our worldPing team is investigating.

Some things still do not work with south-carolina. The DNS samples are all OK, the ping samples show errors. How can it be that DNS works, but ping can not resolve the hostname? The failures subsequently have a negative impact on the percentage of service availability.

Thanks again! I’ve sent this on to our worldPing team again.