Row count cumulative frequency graph

I have a simple mysql table that stores the exit_codes (enums) and times of batch jobs.

All I’m trying to do is create a graph of the total rows in the table over time. i.e cumulative frequency graph.

What I have is a linear line, so I have clearly done this wrong and would like a little pointer at how I can visualize the increase in entries over time. Note the data set I have is from the last week, so I set the interval to a week

select $__timeGroup(START_TIME, '168h') as time_sec, count(*) as value, STATUS as metric from BATCH_JOB_EXECUTION where $__timeFilter(END_TIME) group by 1 order by 1;

You’ll need to group by 1, 3 to be able to count(*)

Thanks for the reply, is there any chance you could be more specific? Cheers.

You’re doing a group by 1 in your query, but since you’ve select STATUS as metric you also need to group by that column why I suggest group by 1, 3, i.e. first and third column.