Set fixed timezone like UTC+5


I’m tyring to snapshot the dashboard image with phantomjs and send it as image file through email.
My issue here is that I want to snapshot it on local time which is UTC+9 and I set the timezone as ‘browser’ time but since the server time is UTC, when snapshot it using shell script on the server, it is on UTC time which is browser time on the server.
I guess there are two ways to fix it. One is to fake the server time on the shell script and the other is to change grafana timezone setting it like ‘UTC + 9’. But so far I don’t think the latter one is not an available function on Grafana.

I would like to know if there’s any suggestion to manually set the grafana timezone.


snapshot the dashboard image with phantomjs

When you start phantomjs you can set timezeon I think via system timezone env

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