Single stat working but not Graph Panel


Same plugin so it is borrowing heavily from the simple-json-datasource, although my datasource.js is different because I’m using websocket, but the rxJS is the same and is working to an extent. In that I am pulling a single data point back using this solution into Grafana and can display that data in a single stat data panel.

But the same code will not trend this single data point in a Graph Panel, does the data have to be presented in a different format for the Graph panel? Or where would I find the source code for the singe an graph panels so I can have a look at it myself.


As long as you return an array of metrics as described here for timeserie request you should be able to graph the result in the graph panel.

If you still have problems please open chrome devtools → Network and find your datasource request. Please include the request and response data for us to further be able to help you.

See code.

Good luck