Singlestat not displaying the "true" value

Hello all,

I’m trying to display a text metric which can have two possible values “true” or “false”, but when I configure it in a singlestat pannel, it returns NaN.
I have tested the same pannel with other text metrics without any problem.
Is there any workaround to fix that issue?

Thanks in advance,
Flaris Feller.

You should be able to use value to text mappings to map it to whatever you want:

You could also double check the result of your query in the Chrome network tab to make sure that it is returning the values you expect:


Hello @daniellee,

I’m going to trace the results using the procedure you send me.

Thanks in advance,
Flaris Feller.

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For me the value mapping didn’t work at first because I was using a TRUE/FALSE boolean, not the strings “TRUE” and “FALSE”. In Grafana I had to map the value of “1.0” and “0” for TRUE/FALSE.

However, I do get an annoying “toFixed() digits argument must be between 0 and 20” error in the top left corner.

I’m having the same issue. Running v5.3.0. I saw that this was a bug that apparently got fixed in v2.1 but it seems to persist? Or am I doing something wrong?