Snapshot API : how to get the data?


What is the method to make a snapshot via the API and include the data please ?
I can not find any information on the subject.
Should I collect the data via a query on the data source (in my case Graphite) then include the result in the “snapshotData” section of the JSON sent to Grafana?
Is there a simpler solution?

Thank you


This is not possible, the data is captured by the frontend so you would have to replicate what all the panel & data sources do (issue metric queries etc)

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Thank you for your fast reply Torkel.
“Forging” a snapshot can represent a lot of work. It should be great if the API could make a snapshot from an existing dashboard.
Did you plan to extend the API for make this possible ?

It would not be possible without running the frontend in the backend via a headless browser to capture the snapshot. So possible not tricky, maybe next year when we work on reporting features.

+1 for this feature. Will you please provide updates for this feature? Will it to be a plug-in? We need this feature, please advise.


+1 for this feature too

+1 for this feature as well

+1 for this feature too

+1 for this feature!!

+1 for this feature :fire: