Sorting series based graph

I use mySQL and monitor data in series based X-axis. My problem is that when ever i refresh graphs, the order of bars change.

How can i sort the bars in alphabetical order?


You can add an ORDER BY to your MySQL query

I do have order by in my query and still the order of bars is pretty much random

where $__timeFilter(time_sec)
GROUP by your_table.metric, your_table.value
HAVING your_table.value = "value a" or your_table.value = "value b"
ORDER BY your_table.metric

Try adding time_sec to the ORDER BY

ORDER BY time_sec, your_table.metric

Still the order in grafana changes every time i refresh the tables. mysql host instead shows result in the same order.

Ahhh. So you were referring to the bar order. I have the same problem. Boo.

did you guys got the solution for this ?

Have the same problem