Sparkline does not appear on single stat graph

I use single stat and it shows a number as expected. The problem happens when I want to show sparkline on the single stat panel. It shows N/A with no spark line at all.

Form data for single stat is as below:

q:SELECT "value" FROM "site_active_user" WHERE time > now() - 6h GROUP BY time(10s) fill(null)

The error returned for the panel:

{"error":"error parsing query: GROUP BY requires at least one aggregate function"}

In InfluxDB I have inserted data as below:

time                   value
2017-04-16T15:00:47Z    257
2017-04-16T16:32:48Z    184
2017-04-16T16:33:05Z    180

Why I do not see any spark line on the graph. Is the provided data wrong, or is there something else that Iā€™m unaware of?

Add an aggregation function, and set a lower limit of the group by time interval to the rate at which you write data

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