Stacking series based graph


I monitor test runs from influxdb in series based graph. Is there any way to stack those bars? bars are formed with grouping by test case and result (fail or pass).

Id like to have red and green bars on top of each other not side by side


Sadly this is not currently possible.

Ok, hope it will be added some day!

What about the case where value of the bar is 0 and i want to hide the bar? I manage to hide the row from legend but not from the graph.

Can you not just do it in the query? Something like: WHERE value != 0

My bars are generated by count of one measurement So i was not able to put it in from clause.

There is still no HAVING clause for GROUP BY so these are still the best answers unfortunately:

Coming back after a while. Is there now feature for my problem? I can always change my database so if there is database this is possible which one it?

There is nothing implemented for this in Grafana since you asked last time. Both Graphite and Prometheus support this type of filtering. Maybe the new IFQL language for InfluxDB has support for it:

You could ask on the InfluxDB forum too: