Status panel for more than 200 servers

Hi all.
Look at my necessity,

I need to monitor many servers, about 300. I’m currently using Status Panel and it works fine except for one thing:

General visualization, when I want a macro visibility
**There are many blank spaces due to different block sizes **

Look at to the image

I want to set a default size for the blocks and hence limiting the number of characters for any block, then each block will have the same size avoiding these blank spaces on lines.

I’m currently using Status Panel + Templating and the datasource is Zabbix and I have no problem to use another panel.

Do you suggest anythint else ?
I just need a general dashboard with a drill down link to a details about the selected server.

you will have to open a feature request for the maker of the status panel, is that a plugin you installed? or do you mean the Singlestat panel that comes with grafana?

There is no option to strip text for that panel, you need to make sure that is done in the query or make it high enough or wide enough so the longest text can fit.

Hi jefersonlemos,

I’m new to Grafana and Your panel looks really good and I was exactly looking for a similar panel. Could you please share me the template?

Thanks in advance.

Could you please share me the template?