"Status Panel " Threshold triggering with no data!

Hi guys,

I’m trying to setup thresholds in the “Status Panel” plugin. how do i trigger a warning or critical if no value or data is being returned by the query?

Is there any clever work arounds? for the warning and critical thresholds I’ve tried the following values:


Any others im missing to tell this plugin that if there is no data go AMBER!! :smiley:

A workaround might be to transform the null value to 0 or -1 (or whatever) in your query and then use the thresholds as usual. You don’t say which datasource you are using but Graphite has the transformNull function as an example.

Thanks for this… I’m using Telegraf with InfluxDB… Is it possible do you know?

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@thestraychow I think you can use the FILL function in your query, for example: fill(0)


@daniellee: Unfortunately, you can’t. See the "Common issues with fill()" section on the docu page. When there are no data within the time range, it doesn’t return a value.

There is a feature request for InfluxDB to change the behavior, but it’s still open: https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb/issues/6967

So far, I haven’t found a workaround.