Subset of panels for public users?

I have a dashboard with different panels for different metrics. I want that a subset of these panels are available for the public without login.

At the moment I have 2 different organisations “OrgXYZ” and “public” each with a copy of the same dashboard with some panels removed on the dashboard for the “public”. In general this is what I want, but I have to maintain 2 dashboards. If I add an annotation for “OrgXYZ” or change something else in the dashboard, I have to do the same on the dashboard for the organisation “publuc”.
Is there a way to have only one dashboard which can be accessed with and without login? If accessed without login only a subset of panels should be visible and it should be read only (viewer role).


I would suggest you use JSON to update the dashboards, so that you do that quickly instead of manually configuring the panels on the new one.

Good Luck

So you mean I should edit the OrgXYZ dashboard (the one with all panels) and export it as JSON and then using a text editor to remove the panels from the JSON file which are not meant for the public and then import the modified JSON file? Fair enough, but this doesn’t help with annotations, right? I still need to insert them twice (for each organisation).

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