Summary display lika a line Visualization


I have a spring boot application with a scheduler which is started every minute. This scheduler asks elastic search for data and increments summary by count value from an elastic search query. And now in Grafana I need to create a visualization for it. And e.g. I first-minute elastic return 5 and in second-minute elastic return 7 and in grafana I need to show first-minute 5 and in second-minute 2 (not 7). Is it possible to achieve that? For now, I have a query

sum by (test) (test_count_sum) /
sum by (test) (test_count_count)

and its show first-minute 5 and second-minute 7

code from spring boot
meterRegistry.summary("test", "defId", bucket.getKeyAsString()).record(bucket.getDocCount());