Table with different data

Good afternoon. I have a data source for Zabbix. Data in the server table: serial number (in text format), data about CPU, memory, disk space in the form of metrics. When I create the TABLE panel, then in one line I can generate the data only from METRICA, I can not add the data stored in the TEXT format to the line. How do I create a table?

|SREVER Name | Serial Number | Download CPU | Loading memory | Free space on C:|

At the forum, I read what can be done through Simplayson. But I do not understand what kind of data source. I have Zabbiks.

Not sure what Zabbix data source supports.

Through the module “grafana-simple-json-datasource”, I can not receive data and build the necessary tables, as described initially?

Have you seen the new direct db connection support that was added in the latest version of the Zabbix data source?