Time Axis Does Not Line Up With Data

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully someone can answer this, I am confused. I have two queries producing two series. The data comes out of SQL as such:


The plot is correct however the columns/lines/dots do not line up correctly with the X axis labels.
It is also plotting data for 11/30 however my query does not have any data for 11/30. It is also showing times one X axis and in the tooltip when there are no times associated with the data.

Can anyone shed some light on what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hi All,

I figured it out I think. My time column did not return a time so everything was plotted at midnight which made it look like was off a day.

I added 8 hours to the returned date and now the data looks much better and makes sense.

I wanted to update this incase anyone has the same question.