Timefilter n-1 in sql server

i’d like having both n and n-1 information on the same dashboard
can someone help me doing that , when i try ihave error my sql syntax
I am on grafana 6.4.4 , trying to make this with sql server.

here’s my query
select dossier.GMFM_IDENT,
from G_FICMAINT dossier
left join G_GRPWRK groupe on dossier.GMFM_PTR_GRPWRK=groupe.GMGW_ident
left join G_PRDMAINT produits on produits.GMPM_IDENT = dossier.GMFM_PTR_PRDMAINT
where $__timeFilter(DATEADD(YEAR, -1, GMFM_DTOUVERTURE))
and produits.GMPM_DESIGNATION in ($Produits)